The AIMOS project was invented in order to provide ionization rates with high spatial resolution. It is based on satellite data from the NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellites (POES) N-15 and N-16 and the geostationary Satellite NOAA GOES (GOES-10 in the years 2002 and 2003, GOES-11 in 2004 and 2005). This data is used to gain a 2D spatial pattern of the precipitating magnetospheric and solar particles. Additionally we are using CERN's GEANT4 to simulate an atmosphere on the basis of HAMMONIAs parameters. In order to get 3D ionization rates the particles are simulated in the atmospheric model.

Our model runs in a 96x48 grid (longitude x latitude). The altitude is divided into 67 logarithmically equidistant pressure levels. The upper simulation limit is 1.7*10^-5 Pa (approx. 400km, depending on latitude, season and solar activity). The lower limit depends on the latitude. Within the polar cap it is approx. 14km. The model deals with all main particle species (electrons, protons and alphas). Depending on the coverage of the polar satellites our time resolution is 2h.

On this site we would like to provide an easy way to obtain this data. Our raw data format needs lots of explanation consequently changing the resolution into your model grid seems to be the best. Thus this homepage includes a routine to fit the ionization rates into your grid, your pressure levels and into your time resolution. The model resolution may consist of any kind of geographic latitude and longitude combination. The resolution will be stored on this server that you do not have to enter it again.
Being logged in, you may specify your grid, pressure and the time resolution. After having elected the time interval, your ionization rates will be calculated and can be downloaded from the server later.

If you are interested and would like to get a login, please do not hesitate to contact: .

Publication/Citation rules:
The AIMOS data is freely available for everyone. However, it should be cited properly by using the model description:
Wissing, J.M., and M.-B. Kallenrode, "Atmospheric Ionization Module OSnabrück (AIMOS) : A 3-D model to determine atmospheric ionization by energetic charged particles from different populations", J. Geophys. Res., 114, A06104, doi:10.1029/2008JA013884
Additionally a link on is highly appreciated.

Please send a copy of the published paper to to let us know about the impact of the AIMOS project.

It might also be useful to contact the AIMOS-team before publication in case that you have questions. In case that intensive correspondance with the AIMOS-team is required that might be awarded with co-authorship as well.

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